690 Market

San Francisco, California
Luxury Condominiums and Fractional Ownership
101 units
Year Built
1888, renovated 2007
Project Description

Acquisition & Project Management

This 125,000 SF office building was originally acquired with a 49,000 office renovation in mind. However the market changed and we recommended converting to luxury residential. We never looked back. The partnership with Marriott/Ritz ultimately brought the first fractional ownership product to San Francisco, the second urban fractional project worldwide.

The brick building's fašade was hidden beneath a 1962 metal "slip cover" making the renovation - which added 12 floors and doubled the building size - even more dramatic. Virtually every element of the building was renovated, refurbished, or entirely new construction. We secured unique financing for the project as well as a joint venture with Marriott. We obtained entitlements and secured air space and access agreements from neighbors.