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There is no area in the world like the San Francisco Bay area, and few groups have the experience of Sierra Maestra when it comes to capitalizing on the area’s strengths and navigating its obstacles. Every project is unique. Every square foot counts.
Completed Projects
490 Post San Francisco, CA Type:Office Size:170,000 SF
1615 Broadway Oakland, CA Type:Office Size:30,000 SF
519 17th Street Oakland, CA Type:Office Size:55,000 SF
1500 Broadway Oakland, CA Type:Office Size:90,000 SF
1600 K Street Sacramento, CA Type:Office Size:45,000 SF
2893 Sunrise Blvd Sacramento, CA Type:Office Size:50,000 SF
3900 Lennane Sacramento, CA Type:Office Size:45,000 SF
5th & Martha San Jose, CA Type:Condominiums Size:150 Units
Chico Hotel Chico, CA Type:Hotel Size:188 Rooms
Concord Hotel Concord, CA Type:Hotel Size:140 Rooms
Elk Grove Napa, CA Type:Townhomes Size:39 Units
Finished Lots Temecula, CA Type:Land Size:75 Lots
Heritage Estates Yountville, CA Type:Single Family Homes Size:41 Units
Huntington Plaza I & II Huntington Beach, CA Type:Office Size:51,000 SF
Hurley Ethan I & II Sacramento, CA Type:Office Size:70,000 SF
Kona Coast Shopping Center Kona, HI Type:Retail Size:86,000 SF
Napa Valley Club Napa, CA Type:Townhomes Size:135 Units
Parkway Center El Dorado Hills, CA Type:Office Size:40,000 SF
Single Oak Business Center Temecula, CA Type:Office Size:31,000 SF
Tower Plaza Office Temecula, CA Type:Office Size:71,000 SF
Tustin Business Park Tustin, CA Type:Industrial Size:192,000 SF
Two Venture Irvine, CA Type:Office Size:98,000 SF
Vineyard Heights Fremont, CA Type:Townhomes Size:80 Lots
Willowbrook Napa, CA Type:Townhomes Size:82 Units
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